The folks who bring you FRL are very proud to also bring you the BEST dry composting toilets in the world! They are plentiful, very clean, very low-smelling, well stocked, and afterwards we will recycle all your poos and wees through our worm farm and turn it back into lovely fertile soil!

Please look after the toilets as you would at your own home, and we will guarantee a dignified, euphoric experience!

FRL was the first festival in the world to have 100% composting loos. Every festival in Australia that uses composting loos either have been a client of Natural Event or have been inspired by us. So FRL and Bilyana as well as you should be very proud that we have all contributed to something that is so important – not just for festival goers, but for people all around the world that do not have access to loos. Our dedication is to continue to support the development of sanitation access through donations to good people as well as delivering actual solutions via Natural Event

For more information on the toilets please visit

Toilet Use 101

Relaxation is compulsory 20%
Do the paperwork 40%
Cover turds in sawdust 60%
Wipe up drips and/or spills 80%
Celebrate by washing your hands and giving someone a high(genic) five! 100%

Toilet Use 102 (Experts Only) – enter loo > drink sawdust > crap in a cup give it to the second person inline > drop pants > leave area.